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Brushes of all sizes in Lorenzi's Parisian workshop Lorenzi, 'mouleur statuaire' since 1871 A look through the windows of Lorenzi Moulages workshop Checking, and checking again, until perfection is achieved Copying is an art A corner in Lorenzi's workshop dusted with powder Masques are a specialty of Lorenzi Still life of tools on the wall Despite new techniques the craft continues Beethoven ('alive') on the wall Masters of the trade Plaster workshop Statues grace the place Busts and bodies from ancient times Looking at the reverend Loyson Almost 3,000 different moulds fill the warehouses Eternal beauty in cast in plaster Standing still in the warehouse The Duke of Reichstadt and the sulky Buste of Republique, the symbol of France The new generation at Lorenzi pour their hearts and souls into their business Chancelier (chancellor) de Birague The art of copying leads to eye-deceiving artistic achievements Holding Nicolas Coustou Lorenzi's kitchen canteen The workshop's ceiling is hung with countless masks The workshop's ceiling is hung with countless masks Torse de la negresse, torso of the negress Tools of the craftsmen at Lorenzi Moulages Amours coupe et raisins Lorenzi Moulages workshop in Paris Lorenzi Moulages workshop in Paris

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