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Lara van Wassenaer

Old Masters in a new jacket

Feature reference : Lara-MS-40
Category : interiors
Location : Amsterdam, the Jordaan
Number of images : 38
Photographer : Maarten Schets
Words : 900
Text : Helen Conijn
Credits : photography Maarten Schets/text Helen Conijn/
Not available in : NL
Lara van Wassenaer's passion is a challenging job: the restauration of centuries old paintings dating from the Golden Age. Together with her Swedish husband Urban Larsson, a painter himself, and their three children they live in a former biscuit factory in the heart of Amsterdam. This place that strongly breathes Dutch history, is blended tastefully with Scandinavian touches of airiness. Here, hidden from the public eye, Lara works with extreme precision and love.
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