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Feature reference : Mcely-MS-06
Category : Travel
Location : Czechia-hotel Mcely
Number of images : 21
Photographer : Maarten Schets
Words : 1140
Text : Helen Conijn
Credits : photography Maarten Schets/text Helen Conijn/
Not available in : no restrictions
Picture this: You're in your mid-thirties, you have recently quit your job and you're castle-hunting for your girlfriend when you fall head over heels in love with a 17th century country-manor: Mcely. It is in a complete state of ruin; a dead-end project and your girlfriend is far from excited about the idea. But you cannot stop thinking about the house. It keeps you up at night. You can't decide whether it's a nightmare or a dream. Inez Cusumano takes up the challenge: she buys the castle herself.
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Fireplace with Style

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