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Reykjavik citytrip

Charming Study in Contrasts

Feature reference : Reykjavik-MS-05
Category : Travel
Location : Reykjavik and surroundings
Number of images : 47
Photographer : Maarten Schets
Words : 1921 incl. practical city information
Text : Helen Conijn
Credits : photography Maarten Schets/text Helen Conijn/
Not available in : No restrictions
Many thoughts spring to mind at the utterance of the word 'Iceland', the wide majority of which can by summed up as follows: ice; reindeer; snow; fermented shark meat; geysers; ice. But the country's capital incorporates far more than the stereotypes allow for! Reykjavik is a charming study in contrasts: colourful buildings that stand out against the white glare of snow-capped mountains, the bustle of the city at night enveloped in the quiet calm of the surrounding nature, relaxing spa's and invigorating hikes through the countryside. Reykjavik has all the components of any holiday hotspot!
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