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Palazzo Tornabuoni

Fractional Ownership in Florence

Feature reference : Tornabuoni-HH-35
Category : travel
Location : Florence/Italy
Number of images : 18
Photographer : Herman van Heusden
Words : Text delivery in consulation with client
Text : Ivo Weyel
Credits : photography Herman van Heusden/text Ivo Weyel/
Not available in : NL
Living in the city of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelango? In a place - or rather palace - where Pope Leo XI resided and the famous Medici family had her home? Where the world's first documented opera took place? This is about Florence and Palazzo Tornabuoni, where fractional ownership is being pushed to the highest level. Coming home in a real palace with stucco ceilings and frescoes on the wall. Yet furnished with contemporay flair, custom-made furniture and modern fabrics. Benvenuti a casa.
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