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Nobility required

A Glimpse into the Life of the British Upper Class

Feature reference : UK-MS-11
Category : travel
Location : United Kingdom/Norfolk and Suffolk
Number of images : 60
Photographer : Maarten Schets
Words : 1610
Text : Helen Conijn
Credits : photography Maarten Schets/text Helen Conijn/
Not available in : No restrictions
The life of the British aristocracy is undoubtedly one of privilege. Tucked safely away in sprawling mansions, enveloped in sumptuous riches, these enigmatic descendents of royalty surely have nothing more pressing to do than to gaze out upon their impeccably manicured gardens while the butler serves them high tea. True? Or is this merely an oversimplified, and rather Victorian, misconception? Noblesse oblige: welcome to the world of British nobility, with its own unique set of responsibilities and realities.
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