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Esperanza Base in Hope Bay, Antarctica, houses around 60 inhabitants Esperanza Base in Hope Bay, Antarctica, attracts circa 1,100 tourists per year Esperanza Base is the birthplace of the first person to be born in Antarctica, in 1978 The white wild called Antarctica Antarctica is home to more than fifteen species of penguins Esperanza Base in Hope Bay, Antarctica A zodiac approaching penguins on an ice floe for a closer look Old whale oil boilers and tanks remind of the whaling station once active on Deception Island Collapsed buildings remind of the British research station in Whaler's Bay on on Deception Island Remans of a British base on Deception Island, Antarctica Rusting tankers are remnants of the whaling operation in Whaler's Bay, Deception Island, Antarctica Silent witness of the British research station in Whaler's Bay on Deception Island, Antarctica Whaling ship Governoren sank in 1915 near Enterprise Island The wreck of Governoren near Enterprise Island, Antarctica Lonely house at Esperanza Base, Hope Bay, Antarctica A mighty iceberg in the still waters of Antarctica The Akademik Shokalskiy awaits departure in the harbour of Ushuaia, the capital city of Tierra del Fuego province, Argentina The harbour of Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world Floes announce the vicinity of land: Antarctica Floes announce the vicinity of land: Antarctica Icebergs as large as apartment buildings Floes announce the proximity of land Port Lockroy on Wiencke Island has been named after the unfortunate sailor that fell overboard the vessel Belgica in 1898 Port Lockroy, Wiencke Island, Antarctica Port Lockroy consists of a handfull of black painted houses Port Lockroy is occupied during austral summers since 1966 Since 1996 Port Lockroy is open to tourists during austral summer seasons Port Lockroy is a natural harbour discovered in 1903 by the French Antarctic Expedition Passengers of Akademik Shokalskiy approaching an iceberg Zodiac cruise to the glacier in Paradise Bay Zodiac leaving the ship for a cruise Paradise Bay, the Antarctic fairytale Antarctic waters Icebergs of Antarctica Motor vessel Akademik Shokalskiy entering Antarctic waters Akademik Shokalskiy is an ice-strengthened Russian research vessel built for polar and oceanographic research How to deal with penguins in Esperanza Base Warm volcanic bath near Whaler's Bay on Deception Island Running down the beach into the freezing cold sea after a hot bath, Whaler's Bay, Deception Island Paradise Bay Seals basking on the beach at Hannah Point on Livingstone Island Sea kayaking in Pleneau Bay Mystery tour in Pleneau Bay Sea kayaking in Pleneau Bay, at the southern end of Lemaire Channel Deep blue waters of the Antarctic sea, admiring icicles Sea kayaking in Pleneau Bay Sea kayaking in Pleneau Bay The Antarctic Dream

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